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Inspired by the Iconic Black & Red Jordan 1's that were banned by David Stern during the 1985 season.
This Tshirt design is an homage to that classic shoe and the story behind it.

Stay tuned for more news on the 'Banned' shirt dropping soon.

Interesting to note that banning products from leagues actually causes more positive publicity for the brand that's banned in the first place. Recently Colin Kaepernick was fined $10,000 for wearing beats headphones at a post-game conference and responded by putting tape over the logos.

Source: Matt Maiocco


Check out the bold commercial that Nike created in response to the banning of the Jordan 1.


Via: Things you Didn't know

"Air Jordan sneakers are the most popular and favorite basketball footwear worldwide. Not to mention that there are practically very few in the world who don’t know anything about the most popular basketball player ever Michael Jordan.

What is little known about him though is that he was actually quite rebellious against the decisions of the legendary commissioner of the NBA David Stern when it came down to wearing the Air Jordans. When MJ signed his contract with Nike and the first pair of shoes was released in September 1985 problems soon started arising.

Commissioner Stern had a problem with the colors of the sneakers and banned Jordan from wearing them in his games. The argument was that the distinguished red and black colors of the shoes did not match the colors of the jerseys that the rest of the Chicago Bull’s team was wearing at the time.

However, Michael did not twitch a bit and continued to demonstrate his impressive vertical leap while wearing the Nike Air Jordan sneakers. Stern responded by issuing a $5,000 fine for each game Jordan played wearing the sneakers. You could imagine that $5,000 per game is not actually that much, but in the course of a regular 82 game season the amount would eventually stack up. It would reach $410,000 while MJ’s salary was $610,000 per season at the time.

In conclusion, Michael Jordan couldn’t have possibly cared less about the fines because Nike was actually paying them. David Stern’s ban of the shoes even propelled the overall sales of the Air Jordans into heaven."


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